Benji awww Bless Him

Yesterday this poor boy came to us after his elderly owner had been taken into hospital, he is called Benji and as you can see is not in the best of health. His owner has dementia and has been over feeding him to the point he struggles on his back legs with the weight he is carrying round. He also has a huge amount of hair loss so we will be taking him to the vets on Monday to see what the problem is. Apart from these problems which we hope are treatable he is an adorable boy and so friendly. Will of course keep you posted on how he’s doing.


Burt Missing can you Help?

Our friends dog Burt went missing on his walk on the 24th March in the La Hoya area, he is chipped and wearing a black collar with light blue beads on it, owners are devastated. Call: 645 469 253 Email: info@petsinspain.com if you have seen him.




We rescued this tiny yorkie, his name is Tyson and his owner signed him over to us, he was taken immediately to our vets where they shaved his matted, filthy coat off. Before the hair was cut off he weighed 3.1 kilos and after 2.8. Tyson’s nails were curling into his pads and he was covered in ticks and fleas, but despite his obvious neglect he is a delightful little boy and is getting on great with the other dogs and cats in his foster home, so much so it is looking like his fosterers will  Tyson3Tyson1


This is Paris and her rescuers Eve and Tom, Paris followed Tom and their dog Jamie home from a walk and they took her in and called us. We went straight round and checked for a chip but unfortunately she doesn’t have one, she is also quite underweight and has ticks. We have placed Paris in a foster home and blood tests  revealed she negative for all Mediterranean diseases. We think she is around a year old and looks like a Chihuahua cross. Paris is such a loving little girl and would be a perfect companion for someone who wants a little lap dog. Paris with eve and tom

Annual Meeting Held

Our Pets In Spain charity shop team congregated at the Hogs Head in La Marina for the annual meeting to celebrate the success of the charity during 2014. Thank you to everyone that works with us to help us with the animals. THANK YOU !!!
Pets in Spain team

New Born Goat Found

A couple of nights ago this new born goat was found by Lesley who runs the kennels. The baby goat was in desperate need to be back with its mum so we called the owner of the goats who regularly lets his goats eat near the kennels and he collected it and has now been reunited with its mum. baby goat

The Micro Pig

Last week we received phone calls from a few people informing us there was a pig that needed rescuing. It was living in the campo near La Marina, with very little food or water and we knew we had to find it quickly. We went searching for it and after a long walk for us all we eventually found her. It was immediately obvious she had an injured leg and her eyes didn’t look so great but we were surprised at how small she is, compared to the last pig we rescued she is half the size so assume she is a micro pig. So after a bit of chasing round and some great team work we managed to catch her. She is now settling into her new forever home with 2 other pet pigs. Here is a link to the rescue…..turn your sound down as there is quite a bit of squealing from the pig but don’t worry, she wasn’t hurt, just didn’t know we were trying to save her: http://youtu.be/pmx0wiVaWqQ micro pig


A few days ago our vets sent us a photo of a dog they had found, she was extremely emaciated and blood tests showed she has Leishmaniasis, we went to meet her when picking up a couple of our rescues in being sterilised and the following day found her a foster home. We have started her on the treatment for the leishmaniasis and she is settling in her foster home. She weighs just 3 kilos and her foster family have named her Chloe. Once she has had her treatment she will go up for adoption Chloe


She shy’s away from people but has remained in the area close to La Marina urbanisation and the nearby Pine Forest for the past six months. People have been leaving food out for her and trying to gain her trust so that we can rescue her. After she was abandoned she has had her first season, she now appears to be pregnant, also, her right eye is almost closed. A lovely Spanish lady working with us has befriended this dog and enticed her into her very large garden. We have been there each day to encourage the dog to come to us but today we realised that she will probably need to be tranquilised before we can pick her up to transport her to the vet clinic. The likelihood is that she will need immediate surgery and a stay in the animal hospital. We have a foster home ready and waiting to provide her with all the TLC that she will need afterwards. Then will begin the long process of her rehabilitation and socialisation to make her ready for adoption. She has been named Bella. We know that there are many people that have seen Bella alone in the streets and in the pine forest over the past few months, and some have called us asking about her. If you are one of these people, or if Bella’s plight touches you, we can provide you with a Pets In Spain collection tin to put your pennies in which you can return to us later. Please help us raise funds to cover the costs of her surgery and her future welfare until she is adopted. Call us on 645469253. Bella2

Found near a Busy Road Dotty !!

Well we knew it was coming after the Xmas period and today it happened. We have called her Dotty and she was found near busy roads in Rojales, she is around 8 weeks old and full of fun and such a happy little girl, we think she may be small to medium size when fully grown. Call: 645469253 Email: info@petsinspain.com Please share and let’s help Dotty find a perfect forever home for 2015! 1958163_589423514490858_88763000347872831_n

Friend finds 3 puppies at the Bin !!

A friend called us the other day to say she found 2 puppies in a shoebox beside a bin, it was the hottest day of the year and these poor pup had no shade whatsoever. The day after out friend decided to go back to the bin where she found them and was surprised to find another pup from the same litter hiding under the bin and more amazingly still alive. They are around 6 days old and are all doing well in a foster home getting bottle fed. We are unsure what size they will be just yet but will be advertising them when they are older. puppy1 and 2Puppy3

Poor Little Girl found on the Road

This poor little girl was found wandering on the road La Hoya area near the tennis courts by a holiday maker. He is obviously an animal lover as he went round to a few other villa`s to see if anyone had lost it but to no avail. As he was flying back to the U.K. the next day he was in a bit of a panic so the chap ended up at a bar asking for help in La Marina and we offered to take the guinea pig in as he didn`t know what to do as he was going home the next morning but unfortunately we cannot keep her so she is desperate for a new home.
Please email: tivvy48@hotmail.co.uk Guinea pig (1)

T Shirts to help support us

T shirt PIS http://petsinspain.net/product/t-shirt/

Puppies found in a Cement bag 

These 2 day old pups were found beside a bin in a cement bag in the campo, their umbilical cords were still attached and were dehydrated. We immediately rushed them to a foster home where they are getting bottle fed and 2 days from picking them up they have taken to the bottle no problem. At the moment it looks like they are Husky cross but will know more as they get older. Their foster parents have called them Bheka, Sipho and Jabu. Bheka Sipho Jabu Our next fund raiser that’s been arranged by LRS Shows is on the 24th May at Los Rosales Restaurant. You can get your tickets at the places named on the poster. Look forward to seeing you there

Ella the little pregnant dog

Ella the little pregnant dog we took in a few weeks ago and placed in a foster home had her 6 puppies on the night of 26th April, the first one popped out at around 2.30am and the last one around 4.30am, everything went ok and Ella’s wonderful foster parents were with her every step of the way. Ella and puppies (1)

Jimbo deserves some love and comfort 

We dread to think what this poor boy has endured in his life. In the photos you can just see his poor physical condition, but what you can’t see is the way he cowers when you approach him and how he cries. We believe he has been abused, beaten, and never received affection. Considering what he has been through he responds so well to a gentle touch, his tail wags when he knows you only want to stroke him and he looks right into your eyes with disbelief. He has been thoroughly examined by the vet today and mercifully blood tests were negative for Leishmania and Heartworm disease. He has a badly swollen paw, pain in both ears, and thick scabs above his tail. He is now on strong anti- inflammatory tablets, he was given an injection to kill the hundreds of ticks attached to him, and started on the treatment to cure the tick disease. He also needs building up as he is emaciated. We have named him Jimbo, he is around 6 years old and in a foster home with our great friends and Lesley and Brian. From now on Jimbo will receive everything he needs with lots of love and tender care. Jimbo Collage

Little Girl Dumped from Car

We got this little pregnant girl today, the gentleman who rescued her brought her to us from Murcia, he informed us she was seen being thrown from a car, how anyone could do that is beyond me, she is an adorable, loving little girl, around a year old and apart from having ticks and fleas when found is in good health, when she was seen by a vet they did a scan and it revealed she has 3 little puppies inside her. She is now safe in a wonderful foster home with no other dogs to worry her when she has her puppies. She’s a teckel cross, so quite small her puppies will be born in around 3 or 4 weeks. teckel pregnant

3 Puppies Dumped in the Bin

These 3 tiny 1 week old puppies were dumped beside a bin in a box, a Spanish lady found them, made a few calls and because no one could rush to get them and she refused to look after them for a couple of hours she just left them there to die, thankfully a friend of ours found out about them and her daughter rushed to the bin to collect them. We then met them with the pups and placed them in a foster home where they are getting bottle fed, they are now settled and hopefully will survive and grow up to be wonderful little boys. 3 pups in box

Update!! Fame has been adopted and Zac is in a foster home waiting for a forever home.

Fame is approx 3 years old and urgently needs a new home. Her owner died and she is still in the house with another dog, the neighbour is feeding them but can’t do this for much longer. Fame is very afraid when meeting new people but once confidence is gained she will make a lovely little lap dog. She weighs just 7 kilos. Zac is a beautiful big mastin cross, he urgently needs a new home as his owner died and he is still in the house with another dog. Zac is approx 9 years old and a lovely, friendly boy and good with other dogs, he has also been neutered. photo 1photo 2






My dad Mark as many people know has been involved in animal rescue and rehoming on the Costa Blanca for more almost twenty years. At an average of just over 200 animals  each year he has been instrumental in the rescue and rehoming of more than 4000 animals. He has helped other animal welfare groups and associations to be registered and to open their charity shops, and here he is yesterday receiving the keys to our first Pets in Spain association charity shop of which he is the charity’s secretary. He will be there today mucking in with me and all the other volunteers to clean up the floors and repair the walls ready for painting, and there is no doubt his mobile phone will ring and it will be a call from someone asking for help with an animal, and he will respond, as always to the call for help. That’s my dad! image

Pets In Spain Charity Shop Appeal.

Our new charity shop is in the heart of La Marina Urbanisation, located between Chief O’Neills Irish pub and the Hogs Head pub and grill. Here is the address in Google Maps: Calle Francisco de Quevedo, 03177 La Marina Urb Spain. We are calling out for your help… It is important for the charity shop to open as soon as possible and we are making this appeal for stock, local volunteers and distant supporters. Stock: Why not take the opportunity for a belated spring clean – de-clutter your home and give your unwanted items a new lease of life by donating them to our charity shop to raise funds for the animals. The shop needs anything from clothing to electrical items, bric-a-brac and toys- to large items of furniture and white goods. We are happy to collect donated items. We also offer a comprehensive free house clearance service. Local Volunteers: Do you have a few hours a week to spare – how about donating some of your time to help out in the Pets In Spain charity shop. Previous shop experience is not essential as training will be given. Distant Supporters: Are you a distant supporter of Pets In Spain. If so you too can play a vital role in our goal to rescue and re- home more abandoned animals. Now we are opening a shop. Our ultimate goal is to open a much needed animal rescue shelter in this part of the Costa Blanca, this is why we are opening a charity shop to fund this project. Please donate to our charity account so that we can start work on our long term projects to help more animals. Join us in our cause. For further information contact us on 645469253 or email info@petsinspain.com To donate please visit the Donation Page Donation   1451604_640666799318579_696648845_n


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