Fund Raiser May 6th

Jimbo deserves some love and comfort 

We dread to think what this poor boy has endured in his life. In the photos you can just see his poor physical condition, but what you can’t see is the way he cowers when you approach him and how he cries. We believe he has been abused, beaten, and never received affection. Considering what he has been through he responds so well to a gentle touch, his tail wags when he knows you only want to stroke him and he looks right into your eyes with disbelief. He has been thoroughly examined by the vet today and mercifully blood tests were negative for Leishmania and Heartworm disease. He has a badly swollen paw, pain in both ears, and thick scabs above his tail. He is now on strong anti- inflammatory tablets, he was given an injection to kill the hundreds of ticks attached to him, and started on the treatment to cure the tick disease. He also needs building up as he is emaciated.
We have named him Jimbo, he is around 6 years old and in a foster home with our great friends and Lesley and Brian. From now on Jimbo will receive everything he needs with lots of love and tender care.

Jimbo Collage

Little Girl Dumped from Car

We got this little pregnant girl today, the gentleman who rescued her brought her to us from Murcia, he informed us she was seen being thrown from a car, how anyone could do that is beyond me, she is an adorable, loving little girl, around a year old and apart from having ticks and fleas when found is in good health, when she was seen by a vet they did a scan and it revealed she has 3 little puppies inside her. She is now safe in a wonderful foster home with no other dogs to worry her when she has her puppies. She’s a teckel cross, so quite small her puppies will be born in around 3 or 4 weeks.

teckel pregnant

2 Puppies from the Rubbish Bin

These 2 puppies were extremely lucky after a friend of our vets caught a man trying to put them in a rubbish bin, he took the puppies off the man and got a punch in the face for trying to rescue them. They are now safe with us and in foster homes. They are around 8 weeks old and are husky cross so will be big when fully grown.

photo (1)

Fox Terrier Found

This adorable Fox terrier was found by a friend of ours in the Campo near El Raso, he is around 1 year old and was covered in ticks and fleas. He is in a foster home now and fingers crossed may find a forever home very soon.

Fox terrier

3 Puppies Dumped in the Bin

These 3 tiny 1 week old puppies were dumped beside a bin in a box, a Spanish lady found them, made a few calls and because no one could rush to get them and she refused to look after them for a couple of hours she just left them there to die, thankfully a friend of ours found out about them and her daughter rushed to the bin to collect them. We then met them with the pups and placed them in a foster home where they are getting bottle fed, they are now settled and hopefully will survive and grow up to be wonderful little boys.

3 pups in box

Update!! Fame has been adopted and Zac is in a foster home waiting for a forever home.

Fame is approx 3 years old and urgently needs a new home. Her owner died and she is still in the house with another dog, the neighbour is feeding them but can’t do this for much longer. Fame is very afraid when meeting new people but once confidence is gained she will make a lovely little lap dog. She weighs just 7 kilos.

Zac is a beautiful big mastin cross, he urgently needs a new home as his owner died and he is still in the house with another dog. Zac is approx 9 years old and a lovely, friendly boy and good with other dogs, he has also been neutered.

photo 1photo 2

Puppies Rescued 

We rescued 10 Shih Tzu cross puppies last week, 7 white and black and 3 brown ones, all 7 white and black were adopted within 6 days and we still have 3 tiny brown ones looking for homes, all the pups in the photo below are adopted, the brown ones are on the “Adopt a Puppy” page.

7 shi tzu pups


Dog outside the gate 

We received a call to say this little dog had been living outside someone’s gate for the past 2 weeks in Los Montesinos. He has a microchip but so far haven’t been able to arrange for the owners to collect him.

Dog outside gate for 2 weeks


On the way to take a little dog we picked up to a foster home we saw this boy chasing after cars on the busy road from la marina to elche, he was obviously very distressed and looking for his owners even if it meant chasing every car he saw, we immediately pulled over and he came running to our arms, just as we picked him up a huge truck went speeding past honking his horn and giving us nasty hand signals, we have no doubt if we hadn’t stopped that idiot would have run over this dog. Thankfully this one had a microchip and he was returned to his owners a couple of days later, his name is Simba

Simba Staffie

Savannah is in need of a new home.

This gorgeous little pony (Savannah) is in need of a new home. She is the most adorable girl, standing at about 14.2hh, and 5 years old. She is lovable, calm, very healthy and we think she has loads of potential. Savannah is wormed, microchip, has her passport and barefoot. She has been ridden a few times and she seemed perfect in every way. Call: 633 307 248


Our Charity Shop is Open

The Pets In Spain charity shop is in the heart of La Marina Urbanisation located next to the Hogs Head pub and grill. The address of the shop is: calle Francisco de Quevedo, La Marina Urbanization, 03177, Alicante  Spain, a location link on Google Maps here

Please visit us at our shop and why not take the opportunity for an early spring clean, bring your unused household items to the shop for us to sell to raise vitally needed funds for rescued animals. We need clothing, electrical items, bric-a-brac etc. We also have space for large items like furniture and white goods, and we offer a comprehensive free house clearance service. The telephone number is 645469253.




When we were at the vets with the podenco Toffee we were told about this tiny poodle, the owner had taken her in the vets as he no longer wanted her, she had been used for breeding and if a home wasn’t found would be sent to a perrera. We immediately arranged for the dog to be brought to us and placed her in a foster home. We had our vet Antonio look at her and her teeth are in a horrific state, obviously been fed the wrong kind of food so she will need to go in to get her teeth cleaned asap and if the vet says ok will get her sterilized at the same time. She weighs just 2.5 kilos


Poor Hannah

This poor little girl was found by a friend of ours in the Pilar de la Horadada, I went to collect her immediately and couldn’t believe what I was seeing, her fur is completely matted and pulling on her skin. She weighs just 3.3 kilos and is extremely emaciated under all that matted mess. Considering what this little girl must have been through she is such a delightful, sweet dog and her tail is constantly wagging. She is around 1 year old and we have named her Hannah. If you can spare a few euros to help towards any treatment and blood tests she needs please go to our donations page.


Mini found in House Fire

Mini was in a serious house fire, his owners got out but Mini was left in the burning house, the neighbour battled the fire and smoke to try and rescue Mini but just in time the fire brigade turned up and rescued him, a Guardia civil officer on the scene gave Mini mouth to nose resuscitation and thankfully brought him round. The guardia then spoke to the owners telling them Mini needed urgent vet treatment but the owners were not willing to pay and told them to send him to the Perrera, the neighbour thankfully got involved again and told them to sign the dog over to them, they then rushed him to the vets where he received the treatment needed. Mini has been on a drip for 4 days and when we collected him today the vet informed us he has slight liver damage and a neurological problem where he loses his balance, it’s hopeful with medication and the right environment mini will make a good recovery, we will of course make sure he gets the best treatment needed. A huge thank you to the neighbours, fire brigade, San Anton vets and the Guardia civil officer for saving Mini’s life….true heroes!



Some Cruel People About

Dasher, Dancer, Comet and Cupid were found tied up in a plastic carrier bag next to a bin, there was 5 but sadly we were too late for 1. They were born around 08.12.13 and will be bottle fed until they are old enough to be homed, looks like they will be medium size when fully grown but can’t be 100% sure as they are still so young. If you would like to sponsor one of our Christmas babies our paypal is: info@petsinspain.info or visit our donations page for other ways to donate.

Dasher Dancer Comet and Cupid



bric abrac



Debbie and Andy came to visit us in our new charity shop. Within a minute I realised Debbie was quite upset about something. She told me about two tiny piglets she had just seen shivering in a cardboard box at the front of a fruit stall at The La Marina street market near Mercadona. Jointly we decided to make a few phone calls in an effort to find a place they can go to and be kept safe. Our friends Tash and Chris agreed to offer them a home on their finca to join the other slightly older piglet they have there. I went with Debbie and Andy back to see if I could persuade the fruit stall owner to let us take the piglets. It was a difficult situation. At first he would not let us take them, but polite perseverance paid off when a lady working on the stall intervened and told him that he should let us have the piglets. Here they are a few minutes later in our charity shop en- route to their new home




My dad Mark as many people know has been involved in animal rescue and rehoming on the Costa Blanca for more almost twenty years. At an average of just over 200 animals  each year he has been instrumental in the rescue and rehoming of more than 4000 animals. He has helped other animal welfare groups and associations to be registered and to open their charity shops, and here he is yesterday receiving the keys to our first Pets in Spain association charity shop of which he is the charity’s secretary. He will be there today mucking in with me and all the other volunteers to clean up the floors and repair the walls ready for painting, and there is no doubt his mobile phone will ring and it will be a call from someone asking for help with an animal, and he will respond, as always to the call for help. That’s my dad!


News!! News!! News!!

Pets In Spain Charity Shop Appeal.

Our new charity shop is in the heart of La Marina Urbanisation, located between Chief O’Neills Irish pub and the Hogs Head pub and grill. Here is the address in Google Maps: Calle Francisco de Quevedo, 03177 La Marina Urb Spain. We are calling out for your help…

It is important for the charity shop to open as soon as possible and we are making this appeal for stock, local volunteers and distant supporters.

Why not take the opportunity for a belated spring clean – de-clutter your home and give your unwanted items a new lease of life by donating them to our charity shop to raise funds for the animals. The shop needs anything from clothing to electrical items, bric-a-brac and toys- to large items of furniture and white goods. We are happy to collect donated items. We also offer a comprehensive free house clearance service.

Local Volunteers:
The shop premises have been unoccupied for more than a year. Right now we need local volunteers to help us clean the inside of the shop and paint the walls, a plumber, a builder and a carpenter. A volunteer architect to help us prepare the plans for the legal submission to the Town Hall for the opening licence will save as a big chunk from our charity funds.
Do you have a few hours a week to spare – how about donating some of your time to help out in the Pets In Spain charity shop. Previous shop experience is not essential as training will be given.

Distant Supporters:
Are you a distant supporter of Pets In Spain. If so you too can play a vital role in our goal to rescue and re- home more abandoned animals. Now we are opening a shop. Our ultimate goal is to open a much needed animal rescue shelter in this part of the Costa Blanca, this is why we are opening a charity shop to fund this project. Please donate to our charity account so that we can start work on our long term projects to help more animals. Join us in our cause.
For further information contact us on 645469253 or email info@petsinspain.com
To donate please visit the Donation Page Donation




Found In box with puppies and friend next to the Bins !!

Part 1: I watched you as you prepared a new bed for me, you placed a soft towel at the bottom. You picked me up and I looked at you as you put me in there, then you put my babies next to me in our beautiful new bed. We all went for a ride in the car, then we stopped and you came to us, you closed the top over on us and suddenly all was black inside our new bed, then everything was still. I just laid there to feed and protect my babies…

Part2: Dan walked to the bin with a bag of waste. He heard a rustling and squeaking noise coming from a closed box next to the bin. He opened the box to see a small dog laid inside with six new born puppies, umbilicals chords still attached. There were blood stains on the inside of the box. As Dan took it all in he heard a barking noise coming from the green area near the bin. He looked up to see a small male dog trying to distract him away from the box.
This is when Dan called us and explained the situation. We asked him to try to secure all of them, including the male dog. We informed him that we will come to collect them and take them into our care. The small male dog that was trying to protect the mother and puppies may well be the father, abandoned there the same time as the mother and pups. We have named him Buddy and the mother Holly. More updates soon and photo of buddy to follow shortly.
If you would like to Sponsor Holly and her pups our paypal is info@petsinspain.info or you can c all us on 645469253

holly and puppiesbuddy


Cat Found In UK with Spanish Chip 

This cat has been found in the UK and has a Spanish registered microchip, we believe its registered in the Valencia region and wondered if any charity may have sent him to a new home in the UK, it’s also possible someone got the cat here then moved back to the UK so I’m asking if you can all share so we can get him back to his owners.
His Microchip Number is: 941000013917613. He was found in Thorpe, Norwich, Norfolk. He is a long haired cat, with a cropped or damaged tail. If you have any idea who owns this cat please call us on 645469253 or email: info@petsinspain.info

cat found in UK


Dog Dumped by Man In Green Ford Focus

A green ford focus was driven by an elderly man approx 70 years old with white hair. He was seen getting into this car and driving away near to Montserrat, Valencia shortly after he had tied a rope around the neck of a dog and attached the other end to a large rock. The dog was immediately rescued and is safe. The Guardia Civil have been informed and they were provided with the car registration number. He is approx 1 year old and urgently needs a new home.

Dog dumped from focus



The owner of these hamsters is returning to the UK and had no where for the hamsters to go so we have arranged to collect them and place in a foster home, they are four very social young hamsters two males and two females. If you would to adopt a couple probably best to chose two of the same gender


Puppies Dumped In the Bin

A young Spanish couple were out walking and heard a crying sound from inside a roadside bin. They opened it and then they called us. We responded immediately and drove to the location. They were waiting for us and this is what we saw. Two tiny puppies, no more than three days old, had been placed in a plastic carrier bag and thrown into a rubbish bin. For many years we have responded to calls from people telling us about new born puppies and kittens discarded in roadside rubbish bins. It seems to be a culture here and a process that apparently is the norm for the unwanted new born animals. We are working hard to educate people in this country about animal welfare and animal rights. In the meantime we must respond and rescue as many as we can.
See the live rescue video here: http://youtu.be/krk6s2p-57k
Please give a donation to support our work saving the animals:
Paypal and credit card: info@petsinspain.info
Tel: 0034645469253
Bank transfer:
BANK: SabadellCAM
IBAN: ES4500810687720001207029

2 bin babies

Have you seen the White Porsche that dumped Nina?

A man and his wife in their house in Montesinos heard a car pull up outside and they looked out of the window. They saw a modern all white Porsche car had stopped on the road. A woman aged approx 30 years and a slightly older man, both well dressed and both with dark hair, stepped out of the car and opened the boot at the front. They lifted a cat out and placed it on the pavement then closed the boot, they got back into the car and drove away! Since then the cat has not moved very far, she has been seen wandering around but looking very stressed. After calling us to tell us about this incident the lady in the house agreed to try to befriend the cat over the next few days. It soon became apparent that she is a young small and gentle female cat approx 8 months, she is lactating so has recently had kittens. She was so relieved that someone was taking notice of her, she is very sociable and probably has been a house cat before being abandoned by these totally heartless people. Today the lady brought the cat to us and we took her to the vet clinic to be examined. Blood test results for feline diseases were negative and although very stressed out and thin she seems to be in relatively good health. We have named her Nina, you can view a video of her here: http://youtu.be/5BJcWec8WMg




Pet Food manufacturer FISH4DOGS is based is based in Droitwich in the UK. They produce high quality nutrition food for dogs made purely out of fish products and they had four tons of dog food in the warehouse that could not be sold in the UK as it was now at the sell-by date. The food was perfectly OK and could be donated to help feed rescued dogs in another country. Mark Jenkins lives in Birmingham and he was already in contact with Pets In Spain animal charity based on the Costa Blanca. After a notice and appeal on the Pets In Spain Facebook page, Irwins Removals in Dolores agreed to accept delivery of food pallets, and for it to be stored and distributed from there. Transport to Spain from the UK was arranged and sponsored by Dropbox2Spain based in Javea. A delivery was also sent to Malaga for distribution between various dog rescue centres and shelters in Southern Spain.

We would like to thank everyone that came forward with offers of help and those that collaborated in making this possible. In the UK, Mark Jenkins, Fiona Chandler and the management at FISH4DOGS. In Spain, Mandy Williams at Irwins Removals and Jordan Gavaghan of Dropbox2Spain. The charity has contacts with various other dog rescue groups and shelters on the Costa Blanca and is organising the distribution of some of the dog food to them.

dog food donated

We would like to thank everyone that came forward with offers of help and those that collaborated in making this possible. In the UK, Mark Jenkins, Fiona Chandler and the management at FISH4DOGS. In Spain, Mandy Williams at Irwins Removals and Jordan Gavaghan of Dropbox2Spain. The charity has contacts with various other dog rescue groups and shelters on the Costa Blanca and is organising the distribution of some of the dog food to them.

3 Small Dogs Need Help !!!

We rescued three small dogs that have been struggling to survive on a lonely dirt track next to a canal. They were all infested with ticks and fleas and one with terribly matted fur, we have called her Cookie and her rump is badly infected, grass seeds have worked their way deep into her skin, she is very swollen and due to severe matting has made it hard to get all the grass seeds out so an operation may be needed! The other dog we have called Petra has a broken leg that must have happened quite some time ago, she had to undergo an urgent operation on the hip joint on the left as it was fused. During the surgery it was broken, reformed and reset by the trauma specialist.

Cookie and Rupert

Rupert is the younger one, around 5 months old, he was that nervous when we picked him up he couldn’t control his bowels, thankfully he is ok and happy in a foster home. We know that these dogs need lots of veterinary treatment, blood tests, sterilizing and maybe another operation on Cookie to remove all the grass seeds from her bum. If you can make a small donation our Paypal account is: info@petsinspain.info or by bank transfer to:
IBAN: ES4500810687720001207029
If you would like to make a cash donation to credit our Veterpet clinic account please call 645469253 to arrange to meet us at any one of the Veterpet group of vet clinics or for the address of the nearest clinic.

petra x-ray


Billy and Junior the Goats

We were contacted last week by San Anton vet, a client of theirs had died and left behind a Husky (which was homed straight away) and a goat. The goat was living in a large enclosed paddock but wasn’t used to much contact from people which proved very difficult when it came to us trying to catch him, we had already put out a plea on facebook for a home for him and had 8 people offer to take him, we decided on Chris and Tasha who already had a 6 month old goat and wanted company for him.

We went everyday for 4 days to try and get him (we called him Billy) but no luck, on the 5th day we took a net with us and a couple of friends and finally managed to get him and load him into the car. We arrived and Chris and Tasha’s house and put Billy in the field with Junior their goat and all went great, they are now best of friends and Junior follows Billy (now Rastar) everywhere.

Billy GoatBilly and Junior














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